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Media devotes lopsided time to sensational stories. In the past 6 months US media has devoted 20-30% sound bytes to GameStop phenomenon which has 0.00004% of the NYSE market cap.

Over a million Europeans were captured and sold as slaves to North Africa between 1530 and 1780.

The Gmail logo was designed the night before it was launched.

More than 13,000 years of human life have been spent watching the Gangnam-Style video.

The first electric car was invented in 1800s and it went 65 km/h.

Some people are genetically predisposed to see the world from a negative perspective most of the time.

In Egypt around 1500 B.C., a shaved head was considered the ultimate in feminine beauty.

Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share in 1976 for $800. Today, it’s worth over $200 billion.

If you search for “askew” in Google, the content will tilt slightly to the right.

In 2007, A Bosnian couple divorced after discovering both had an online affair with each other under fake names.

If you inhale a pea, it can sprout and grow in your lungs.

Giraffes can last longer without water than camels.

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April 20, 2021 at 4:11 am

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