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In the past I wrote that a certain country, starting with I is obsessed with the search of multibagger stocks as per google trends. A few years back #2 country was Phillipines but looks like the South Asian diaspora in the Gulf is equally keen to find multibaggers.

I was looking for books to read, coincidentally I stumbled that if you search in amazon for the word ‘multibagger stocks’ or ‘multibaggers’ the top 4 results are from the authors of the same country that is googling for multibaggers.

To an extent it is justified as there are likely to be lots of them in the next 10 years.

Look at the economic comparison between Indian States vs Chinese Provinces, not even a comparison

The unfortunate difference is that India is a more complicated system still rooted in its past, which has strenghts of its own but you feel sorry when the career politicians are pandering to religious sentiments for populist reasons, who themselves are trillion miles away from the concept of God, notwithstanding the silver tongue, you can be assured that half the country must be delusional or blind to the economic realities and incapable of making an intellectual distinction. A fictitious past is more dear to the denizens more than a brighter future. Choice has been made.

Written by amitdipsite

November 13, 2018 at 6:41 pm

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  1. Salam, Amit Saheb.
    True, Choice has been made. And this choice, very truly connects with ‘Lamho ne Khata ki thi, Sadiyon ne saza payee’. The current generation and generations to come will carry the cross on the shoulders. God may perhaps wash away our sins and make us pure. Best wishes and regards – Shaukat Ali

    shaukat ali

    November 14, 2018 at 8:35 am

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