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There was a person who was born in material poverty (or middle class) and tried hard to come out of those abject circumstances. By the middle of his lifespan he managed to accumulate sufficient wealth for his needs and entertainment, travel and had a wonderful family.


He noticed that some men in the society were either more famous or more materially prosperous than him. It was not something he needed but felt the desires pulling his heart strings.


Propelled by these urges, he threw himself headlong into unending work, sacrificing family time, and once again managed to make billions, by luck and hard work.  Closer to the end of his life, he was the most materially wealthy person on earth and accumulated 850 Billion USD at 2018 adjusted figures.


Just around this time, gravitation propulsion based inter stellar travel on earth became possible for the rich only, a ticket would cost 100 Million USD.


Our richest material person visited a nearby galaxy and noticed a civilisation, where each citizen had 7-10 stars  and planets as their holiday homes. He felt that his life was wasted on a mud puddle, stuck to a single planet and he lived a relative life of below poverty line compared to ordinary residents on this star system. He felt like a failure and that he could not:


  1. Spend much time with his family in the race of accumulation of fame and material riches
  2. Acquire meaningful wealth in the cosmic scale of things, in fact he felt more poor than ever close to the end of his life
  3. Realise is soul / spirit and inner freedom


This alien race felt the same destitution and poverty despite each resident having several planets because they encountered a race which had learnt to make universes at will by aligning themselves closer to the divine plan.


Moral: Find out the difference between what you need and what you desire. Life has more dimensions than we can imagine.



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March 19, 2018 at 12:51 am

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  1. dear Amit, Wonderful Could you simplify the english plz for below.

    ” which had learnt to make universes at will by aligning themselves closer to the divine plan”.



    March 19, 2018 at 7:12 am

    • An allegorical story: Brahma, incharge of the creation aspect of this Universe visits God and is asked to wait. He waits for half an hour and grows restless, then asks the servants of God to let God know that its the one and only Brahma, the creator incharge of this Universe, he believes that is is one of three important officers alongside Vishnu and Shiva. Then he visits a hall where there is queue of several dozen of Brahmas who had come for their own issue resolution for their own Universe.

      Our Universe is expanding at an expanding rate, ever increasing rate. This is one such Universe of infinite according to the Yogis.

      Normal residents of astral planets can materialise/dematerialise scenery by willing alone, we become astral beings after physical death, whether conscious or unconscious of this reality depends on our level of development.

      Higher still are beings than astral beings whom Hindus worship as demigods, we can become any of them ourselves, but still its not absolute one, spiral staircase of expanding consciousness. Hope not confusing.


      March 19, 2018 at 8:07 am

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