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New Zealand has #1 for Transparency and #1 for Ease of doing business in the world ranking. In fact Air New Zealand is also the #1 Airline for five years in a row.

But once we had the Best Prime Minister in the world for four terms in a row, John Key, who was trader, now Chairman of ANZ Bank, ( now we have the world’s worst prime minister,

I just wrote four months back about Jacinda, who is an inexperienced 36 year old socialist girl running the country, however small. Jacinda continues to shock the country, now she is pregnant with a man she is not married to, poor guy will be stay at home Dad, its okay to have kids without marriage in the 21st century, but not acceptable for a Prime Minister who just joined the office few months back, for which she merely made it through rag tag coalition, shamefacedly lie to the media that pregnancy was an “accident/surprise”.

US has Trump, we have worse, so NZ in #1 again, this time for the worst head of the state in the world.

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February 11, 2018 at 3:54 am

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