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Higher joys – Yogananda

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Temptations are alluring; there is no doubt about that. Our sensory powers are all directed to the outer world. There is a current of life energy flowing from the brain through the nerves into the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. The sensations we experience through these instruments are the result of this outward flowing current, and we tend to like the feeling. That is the appeal of the senses. Overindulging them is dangerous; until a man is established in wisdom, the outgoing energy leads him into sense bondage.
By the five-rayed searchlight of the senses, we perceive and explore the world of matter. Through the senses we learn to like things that are pleasing to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The desire for a particular sensation becomes a habit. The trouble is, most people have not had any experience of the Spirit, which is hidden behind matter; hence they have no standard of comparison between the exciting, pleasurable perceptions of the senses and the unknown ineffable bliss of the soul. And there is no chance to compare until one has renounced or become mentally insusceptible to all sense enticements. The only way to avoid the trap is to realize by reason or experience that there are higher joys.
The difference between a stone and the thought of a stone is very great: a stone has weight and dimension, and is visible and tangible, the thought of a stone is invisible and intangible, without weight or dimension. Likewise the physical body of, let us say, Henry Jones, manifests weight, form, dimension, and visibility, the thought of Henry Jones has none of these qualities of matter. Yet a powerful mind, versed in the art of visualization, can in a hallucination or a consciously produced dream see Henry Jones, shake hands with him, weigh him on a scale, and see that he is tall and slight. A visualization, hallucination, or even a dream representation of the body of Henry Jones is more real than the mere thought concept of his body, because dream objects are apperceived by the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.* What then is the difference between a thought of Henry Jones; a visualization, hallucination, or dream perception of Henry Jones’s body; and his living physical body?

Difference Between Illusion and Delusion

One could take the view that the physical form of Henry Jones is real because visible to all, and that the dream conception of him is unreal because visible to only one person. Is it not possible, however, that the reality of the physical body of Henry Jones—and of all other human beings—is a delusion?

From India has come the philosophical concept of maya, delusion or mental error common to all individuals; and of avidya, * illusion or mental error as experienced by each individual.

On the other hand, one individual may understand certain truths that are not similarly realized by all. Thus men of divine understanding, who have experienced the truth about the nature of God and man, are sometimes wrongly accused of illusions and hallucinations by those who are yet in thrall to cosmic delusion. It is not right for those under maya to decry the testimony of one who is not. Only he who has transcended cosmic delusion through his own inner realization may correctly judge the truth.

The average person thinks of the physical body perceived by the senses as real, and regards a mental, imaginary, or dream concept of the body as unreal. Let us suppose that by television a picture of Henry Jones’s form is transmitted from Detroit to the Los Angeles Times headquarters. Are the viewers in Los Angeles seeing the real Henry Jones? The ordinary person would say yes.

The cosmic Magician’s Grand Illusion

A metaphysical master sees delusion within delusion as illusion. He can see the physical body of Henry Jones as a delusive form—like a mirage of a city—not nothing, but something, yet not what it appears to be. The man of realization would ask what makes us so sure that the physical body is not a delusion shared by everyone? Can we be certain that all human beings are not merely dreaming about the body of Henry Jones and other material forms? If man really is circumstanced by God to dream within a cosmic dream then we all may be dreaming the existence of the body of Henry Jones. In which case we cannot distinguish whether the body of Henry Jones actually exists or not.

By certain stereoscopic and vitaphonic effects, the great magician Thurston might show to his audience the form of Henry Jones floating in the air and talking, and suddenly spirit it away. Is it not possible, then, that the great Cosmic Magician might be showing us true-to-sound, true-to-sight, true-to-touch superpictures of the body of henry Jones and of everyone and everything else in creation? If so, then anyone under the influence of this stereoscopic vitaphonic superdrama might create the form of Henry Jones by mental motion pictures of his own —”home movies,” you might say. In this case, the people who are under the cosmic delusive influence created by God would think, “That person is suffering from illusion,” even though they themselves are victims of the cosmic delusion by which they see the metaphysically untrue, but mundanely true body of Henry Jones. So, if everything in creation consists of dream pictures in the consciousness’of man, then all is delusion, and the mental picture or hallucination of one person, based on the reality of the physical body of Henry Jones in this cosmic dream-world, is delusion within delusion, or illusion.

The wise man who awakens from the influence of the cosmic dream perceives the physical body of Henry Jones and all matter as delusive cosmic dream, and the mental concept of matter or Henry Jones as a delusive dream within God’s cosmic dream. A mental error or illusion in one person can be corrected by others who do not participate in the error, but an error shared by all cannot be corrected by any except those who have attained Self-realization, and who thereby know the truth that “things are not always what they seem” to the senses.
By partially obstructing light from the projector, the projectionist of a slide film may produce on the screen a picture of a man without a hand; he can easily restore the hand by letting the light flow freely through the film. Similarly, the consciousness or manifestation of disease is nothing more than an obstruction, created by wrong human thought, in the perfect thought-feeling of man that God created. Man is heir to the failings of his forefathers. Hereditarily he has become habituated to imperfection. His wrong thoughts not only obstruct the perfect though-pictures of life and body, they also impede the free flowing of the cosmic life force, which is responsible for manifesting and perpetuating the delusive picture of the human body.

The amputation of a hand in an auto accident is no more real than is the amputation of the hand of the man on the film screen in the foregoing illustration. However, unless one is an accomplished “projectionist,” he may not be able to correct, in the superpicture created by God, a distortion of seeming hurt or disease in his body. The delusive nature of bodily accidents cannot be known until one can transfer his consciousness into the operating chamber of Cosmic Consciousness and get acquainted with the secret methods of the Cosmic Projectionist. By His self-evolved cosmic thought-films and self-frozen cosmic energy, He is trying to show perfect pictures of man, and of all life, all worlds, and the cosmos. Through ignorance, man has fallen out of tune with the divine will, and thus obstructs the perfect presentation of God’s stereoscopic vitaphonic superpictures of life.

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November 30, 2017 at 9:48 am

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