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Greatest Adventure – Yogananda

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Life is the greatest adventure imaginable. Although some
lives are without much interest and excitement, others are full
of extraordinary experiences. I heard of a man who tried thirty two
times to commit suicide, and something happened every
time to prevent him. Imagine what it would be like to know
all about the lives of all the people who are now on earth, and
those who are gone, and those who are yet to come! Such is
God’s power.

The lifetimes of experiences of all men are in God’s memory.  It is difficult indeed to conceive of a consciousness that is aware of everything that has
ever happened. Yet to fathom the nature of Spirit is the greatest
adventure in this universe.

All of the different
forms of atomic matter, for example, are but materialized
thoughts of God—they can be reconverted into thoughts, and
the thoughts can again be materialized into objects. Man also
has the power to conceive ideas, but his imagination is not
very strong. If his imagination became powerful enough, man
could create material objects on earth.

When we try to imagine the consciousness of God we
wonder how He can remember all things, because we judge
everything by the standard of our own mental capacity. We understand
according to our own experience. A person whose
memory is not strong tends to assume that everyone else’s
memory is the same way. Yet there are persons of exceptional
memory who can recall a whole book, perhaps, just as easily as
you can remember a few lines. Those who are forgetful find it
difficult to realize that others can have an unfailing power of


God must have an equivalent of blockchain but better 🙂

Origin of Memory

Memory is a wondrous power. All human memory comes
from God’s tremendous memory. For example, you cannot tell
me about all the motion pictures you have seen since birth,
but if I were to show you one of those films again, you would
instantly recall it. The divine underlying memory is right
there within you, ever recognizing experiences that have
passed. As soon as you see the opening scene again, the whole
story comes back to you. “Oh, I saw this picture before,” you
say. “I remember how it ended.”

All happenings are recorded in the brain. As soon as you put the needle of attention
on a certain record of experience, your memory begins to
play back that experience.

The inner power of memory comes from God and is perfect.
It never forgets. The ordinary man’s memory cannot hold
the consciousness of all experiences at one time, but the underlying
divine memory retains everything simultaneously and
permanently. Therefore good or poor memory is a matter of
conviction. You have convinced yourself that you have a weak
memory and so you have a weak memory. However, it is not
easy to jump from this belief to the opposite. Much effort is required
to convince yourself that your memory is in actuality a
manifestation of the all-recalling divine memory of God.

Hands on the deck

Prepare for Every Kind of Battle

In order to go safely through this jungle of life you must
equip yourself with the proper weapons. You have to be a well trained
soldier. The layman who doesn’t know how to protect
himself is soon killed. The wise man who is armed against all
forms of warfare—against disease, against destiny and karma,
against all evil thoughts and habits—becomes the victor in
this adventure. It requires carefulness and, in addition, the
adoption of certain methods by which we can overcome our
As we progress we learn better methods of vanquishing
the causes of our physical, mental, moral, and spiritual disasters.
When you have gone successfully through physical illnesses
and accidents and inner struggles, then you can say
that life was a sweet adventure. Jesus could say this. But before
you have similarly conquered, it is premature to say that
life is sweet.

You have not overcome the desire to be adventurous until you
have ascended consciously in Spirit.
Seeing someone who is suffering, you feel thankful that
you are not going through that particular adventure. But you
may be next. The possibilities of harm to the body are numerous.
So be equipped. The scientist says, “Eat nourishing food
and follow health laws to protect yourself from germs.” The
politician says, “Be good soldiers to protect yourselves from
outside enemies.” We are living in strange times. Even women,
the proverbial saviours of the world, are being trained as soldiers
to kill others’ children. Horrible! But once in a while
some good comes from war—it removes cowardice from us.

Babes in the woods

God offers you an invincible weapon by which you can
eradicate all your sorrows and suffering: wisdom, which comes
through God-communion. The easiest way to overcome disease,
disappointments, and disasters is to be in constant
attunement with God.
We are babes in the woods of life, forced to learn by our
own experiences and troubles, stumbling into pitfalls of sickness
and wrong habits. Again and again we have to raise our voices for help. But the Supreme Help comes from tuning in
with Spirit.
Whenever you are in trouble, pray: “Lord, You are within
me and all around me. I am in the castle of Thy presence. I
have been struggling through life, surrounded by many kinds
of deadly enemies. I now see that they are not really agents for
my destruction; You have put me on earth to test my power. I
am going through these tests only to prove myself. I am game
to fight the evils that surround me; I will vanquish them by the
almightiness of Your presence. And when I shall have passed
through the adventure of this life I will say: ‘Lord, it was hard
to be brave and fight; but the greater my terror, the greater was
the strength within me, given by You, by which I conquered
and realized that I am made in Your image. You are the King of
this universe and I am Your child, a prince of the universe.
What have I to fear?’

Everything the Lord has created is to try us, to bring out
the buried soul immortality within us. That is the adventure
of life, the one purpose of life. And everyone’s adventure is different,
unique. You should be prepared to deal with all problems
of health, mind, and soul by commonsense methods and
faith in God, knowing that in life or death your soul remains
unconquered. You can never die.

A soldier is walking along and a bomb shatters
his body. His soul cries, “Oh, I am killed, Lord!” And God says,
“Of course not! Are you not talking to Me? Nothing can destroy
you, My child. You are dreaming.” Then the soul realizes:
“This is not so terrible. It was only my temporary earthlife
consciousness of being a physical body that made losing it
seem the end of me. I had forgotten that I am the eternal soul.”

The goal

The Goal of Our Life-Adventure

True yogis are able to control the mind under all circumstances.
When that perfection is reached, you are free. Then
you know life is a divine adventure. Jesus and other great souls
have proved this. Nothing could touch them. They enjoyed
uninterruptedly the sweet romance with God. It is the only
part of the adventure that has any purpose.
Human love is meaningless unless anchored in the unconditional
love of God. A boy and a girl fall in love, and after
a time they fall out of love. Romance with human beings is
imperfect. The romance with God is perfect and everlasting.
You will finish this life-adventure only when you conquer
its dangers by your will power and mind power, as did the
Great Ones. Then you will look back and say: “Lord, it was a
pretty bad experience. I came near failing, but now I am in the
safety of Your presence forever.”

Beyond the Kaleidoscope of Subconsciousness

I will illustrate how the superconsciousness differs from
the subconsciousness. The superconscious is that state in
which you can consciously, during wakefulness or sleep, produce
any sensatin in your body at will, without any external
stimulus. That is the proof. In the subconscious dreamland
you can drink a glass of hot milk, but this experience comes to
you unbidden; in the superconscious state you can create that
or any other experience consciously and at will. Unless you
are able to do this, do not delude yourself that you have
reached superconsciousness.
Millions of devotees never get beyond the kaleidoscope of
the subconscious mind, which manifests its wonders mostly
during sleep. But in the superconscious state you can see or
know anything that you wish to—not by imagination but in
reality. I can sit in this chair and transfer my mind to India and
see exactly what is going on in my old home there.
The advancing devotee progresses through three stages of
spiritual awareness, the Sacred Trinity: First he experiences superconsciousness,
oneness with the creative power in creation:
Aum, “God the Holy Ghost.” Next comes Christ Consciousness
[Kutastha Chaitanya], merging in the Infinite Intelligence
within creation: Tat, “God the Son.” Finally, he attains the highest, Cosmic Consciousness, the Truth beyond creation, the
ineffable Absolute: Sat, “God the Father.”

Sometimes a devotee dwells in the subconsciousness,
sometimes he is lifted to superconsciousness and to Christ
Consciousnes, and a few great souls are able to go beyond
Christ Consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness, the realm
of Causeless Spirit.
In the Christ-conscious state you don’t have to visualize
things first in order to experience them. You don’t have to picture
India—you are there; you are aware of all creation. That
experience is an endless expansion of consciousness. You are
in the blade of grass and on the mountaintop; and you can feel
every cell of your body and every atom of space.
But Cosmic Consciousness is beyond even that. When you
can feel your presence in all creation, and also know the Joy
that is beyond creation, then you are a Godlike being.


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