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I am the Tollbridge, a 100 bagger

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So, toll bridge is a great business

You spend past fixed dollars and continue to earn future inflation adjusted dollars, with little fixed expense. There is no alternative or close competitor to a toll bridge.

Found one such business that was valued at 2 Million dollars in 2013, and now valued at 200 Million dollars. It just owns one thing, 120 Km of road, that’s it, 82% of which is toll free and 18% has toll. One can buy that kind of land in a rural area for just a million dollars but there is no money to be made if the traffic does not flow though it.

The company is an Argentina based company called Autopistal del Sol. There is no competition.



While India based Noida Toll Bridge jilted the lovers who wrote poems for her, no such infidelity can be attributed to Autopistas.


1 Year return 200%

5 Year return 10,000%


Lesson: Making money in stock market is simple and easy. Focus on buying a monopoly.


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July 19, 2017 at 10:59 pm

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