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There are ~200 companies listed or due to list on BSE SME. There is one which is yet to list, and I found the website quite side-splitting. Appreciate the passion/drive of the management but they should have paid 50$ to B.A. English Hons. student to at least proof read English on their website.

Verbatim from the above link.

Since from 2007 HAS deligated more than 6 million customer.

Indian Brand Based in mumbai adopted global standard practice kaizen lain. Brand use higher standerd equipment and practice speafic SOP’s

Fruits is the only natures gift we can eat naturally.

Fruits have multi benefits, like vitamins, fiber, minerals antioxyde and may world is moving at fast speed then to ensures we cope up with this speed we provide nutrient and healthy product to the world.

Fruits is a solider to prevent from illness naturaly. It acts as fast agent to improvise function of our internal and external body.

HAS incepted concept health on the go. In mobile world brand wants to established customers service who looks for quality, fresh and nutrician beverages best hygine practice. We make sure our product produce under guidence of food technician and dietician. We make sure our best practice and high qaulity raw material to be seen by our customer.

World is moving at fastest speed ever HAS is a thought to run along with the world and provide fresh squeeze and fibrous juices and fruits salad using best technology to retain at most natural benefits and hygiene.

HAS has got an advantage of first mover in its vertical in India. Brand have engage food technician, deitician and receipe-artist and grooming trainner on board who makes sure the products, services and hygien as per the global standardizes. One of the few company to take the ISO 22000 – 2005 in fresh juice beveage categaory.

We ensure 100% indigety with our employe as they are family. We ensure long term benefits and rewards for there honest and hadrwork. We respect each of out employe as they are the hands behind success.

We thank to all our customer, property patners and franchisee who belived in us selling of more than 6 million juices till date and more to go.

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December 25, 2016 at 1:44 am

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  1. Wonder who funded their listing charges!

    Bhavik Mehta

    December 25, 2016 at 4:23 pm

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