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Mr. Market is inside your head

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I started reading the book The Untethered Soul which is quite a true account of the voice that converses in the brain/mind complex, that we have to listen to.

Truth of our unwavering awareness (aka unadulterated consciousness/aka soul) is filtered by the thought patterns/habits formed in this life and before. There fascinating part is the flux of the dialogue, how often the voice in the head is wrong, and yet we continue to pay heed to its counsel, which if it was an employee, would have been given a pink slip long back.

Investors who have read up 12,000 quotations from value investing domain believe that they are impervious to the manic Mr. Market and that this is something that happens to other people. Clearly this isn’t the case so long as the voice in the head is operative. Which means always unless you become son of God.

One more repeated trend I have noticed over the previous 10 years of Investing in India and Africa is the expectation of interest rate rise in the US causes collateral damage to emerging market equities. My long term Indian portfolio built over previous 8 years is down 30% from its peak less than 40 trading sessions back. I continue to like two biggest Gold lending companies, expecting black money to be hoarded in non-INR and gold.

For someone who likes to remain fully invested in equities investing in more than one country has started to make a whole new sense and a new breed of investors learn an old lesson. Meanwhile watch that Mr. Market inside your head.

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November 21, 2016 at 8:44 am

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  1. Amit sir, curious to know what makes you to go long(bullish) on gold lending companies. lending rates for gold are the highest in financial space 24%, earlier mfi’s use to give for ~24 to 26% but now even they have reduced it to ~18 to 20%.

    with the cost of borrowing getting down, do you think people will still go for gold loans.

    Also, if there is a fed hike, it will impact the gold prices heavily, will it not be a loss to gold lending companies.


    November 24, 2016 at 10:36 am

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