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Your external, someone’s internal, Seek Truth not Knowledge

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According to the Vedas and as experienced by a practicing Yogi, everything is conscious. Including every physical atom. Right now we are talking only the physically manifest cosmos. Subtler levels of thought, energy are ignored. Biology defines organic life as having biological processes. However, as per Vaisesika Sutra, “an atom has a Universe inside it, and is living, only if you become small enough to see it”, adds Kana Bhuk (translating to Atom Eater)

Atom has consciousness, billions / trillions of atoms make a microbe.

Atom’s external environment is a microbe, yet atom is unaware that its external environment is a microbe. Microbe is unaware that it is made up of trillions of atoms.

10s of trillions of microbes are present in human body. Microbes do not know that human body is their external environment. Humans do not know that they have 10s of trillions of microbes.

It goes on for human-planet, planet-galaxy, galaxy-universe, universe-multiverses…

All of these individual consciousness from Atom’s to Multiverses are still in darkness aka Maya, as in they are not in direct correspondence with reality – i.e. Truth.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have been manifest for several billion years and lucky to have reached from a lower grade consciousness to human, or fallen from more evolved consciousness to human, direction matters not where you are right now…

Interesting reading:

As Neil Bohr, Albert Einstein, Max Planck (all three Nobel prize winning physicists) said that when they want to probe deeper into questions, they go and re-visit the Upanishads of India. Go to the source. Bible/Upanishads say that source is inside. You cannot know everything but you can “become” everything by getting in touch with a dimensionless link by knowing that after which nothing else remains to be known. Otherwise how will you manage to have knowledge of 1 million plus books churned out every year by earth alone? How many from Infinite planets? You will be lost if you are a knowledge lover. So, be in love with Truth and go straight to the source.

You might eventually come to the same Truth after (who knows how many billion years) but going to the source makes sense for those who eye with distaste a billion trillion years. Source is inside yourself.

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October 8, 2016 at 8:56 pm

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  1. You might find this interesting


    October 9, 2016 at 12:34 am

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