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These are two good books on checklists–Depth-Research/dp/0470891858

Checklists need to be different for different types of businesses. One ought to be able to answer most of the questions for a business listed below.

Do you understand the business?

Can you write five bullet points about why you think you know more about your investment than others and your thesis for investing?

Does the business have a consistent operating history?

Is the company likely to be much bigger in 5-10 years from now?

Is there a big island around the business? Moat

Can a fool run this business?

Is the business capital heavy?

Can the company adjust prices in response to inflation or input price?

Have you read the annual reports of the main competitors?

Management integrity, energy, intelligence, rational?

Diworsification and mergers?


Management wants to be rich and famous?

Is the business on secular uptrend or is it a fad?

Institutional imperatives?

Stock options treated as an expense?

Increasing dividends? Interest alignment with minority.

ROE ratio ?

PE multiple?

Debt/Equity Ratio?

Growth over next five years?

Margins better than competitors?

Margin of Safety. DCF / some value based metric measure cheapness ? Not greater fool theory.

One time problem for cheap stock?

Classify the type of business, B2B, B2C, Cyclical, Commodity, Brand, IP etc.

Say no much more frequently, improve the quality and character of portfolio.

Think in terms of Process

Don’t bet the farm

Find out what can go wrong, do a pre-mortem. Think backwards, and assume the business has failed, what could have gone wrong?

Opportunity cost – Is the current investment must better than alternatives?

What are the probabilities of gain in 1 year, 5 years and confidence ?

Find out your psychological biases, hindsight bias, recency bias, over confidence etc.

Separate P&L from Cash Flow

Depreciate real?

Owner earnings? Brand investment written off?

Where is the business in economic cycle?

Is liquidity important to you?

Type 1/ Type 2 errors, False Positive, False Negative

Value in spin-offs, index adjustment, forced selling by institutions.

Magic  Ratio: High Roe, Low PE

Alzman Z

Piotroski F Score

Be contrarian

Have superior information synthesis skills

Find your “edge”, your edge could be scuttlebutt, or teaching, or journalism, or networking, or institutional linkages or research. My edge is turning stones and researching. In the recent fortnight I have gone through 200 annual reports of small and micro caps of UK companies (post Brexit) and more optimistic than ever probably same as in 2009, about buy-and-hold investing in British small caps for my  Fund. Your “edge” is defined broadly as analytical [expertise and experience] , psychological [delayed gratification, go against the crowd, peculiar perception etc.] or institutional. I am talking two things here perhaps, one is your “calling” and “madness” that you bring to the investment game, other is increasing your income.

Will you average down when the stock will fall?

Reduce portfolio turnover

Wait for the fat pitch

Work unceasingly, nobody died of hard work

Stay intellectually inquisitive and humble. Know that even after becoming the richest person in this planet with highest IQ you still know next to nothing that Universe has to offer. There are beings who can create galaxies by mere act of willing. All the wealth of this planet’s mud puddle cannot be seen from few light minutes away, our galaxy, one of 100+ billion known galaxies is 100,000 light years wide. Universe truly is infinite.

More later…

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