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Brahmin and Knots

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Scriptures are full of knots.

Mythology is woven into the rituals which makes its way into daily culture.

You have snake talking in the Garden of Eden as per Christian bible. Snakes certainly do not talk.

You have two persons having a lecture in the middle of battlefield in Hindu Gita, certainly no place to conduct a lecture.

So, scriptures are knotted and the inner meaning is not known intellectually. It is experienced inside oneself as one accelerates personal evolution.

This is what St John talks about in The Revelation, my notes in the previous post

Why are scriptures knotted ?

Simply because the non-Brahmins do not have the privilege to read and comprehend the inner meaning of the scriptures.

You could call the authors / propagators of Vedas to be very clever and racist for restricting the scriptures only to the Brahmins. Actually the Brahmins of the yore were very humble, the did not even know what “shrewdness / cleverness” meant, and were liberally propagating the spread of knowledge.

The inclination and quality of the child determined their profession, not genetic lineage. Today, the system has retrograded far beyond imagination, the son of so-called Brahmin automatically inherits the surname of their father. It is not determined by their personal qualities. Son of Mr. Sharma is Mr. Sharma, whereas this was not meant to be, it was supposed to be evaluated by the teachers in the school aka gurukul where the child attends education. As per the original design, Shudra could be the son of Brahmin and vice-versa.

So, lets came back to what Brahmin means and who has the right to be called a Brahmin, not Mr. Sharma or Mr. Trivedi based on the inherited surname. Its pretty simple what Brahmin means as described in Hinduism. The definition of Brahmin is a person who can utter the sound of Om (Amen in Christianity, Ameen in Islam). This sound is referred to in the Vedas as

“Tailadharam avichannam deerha handani nadaval
avachyam pranavasyagram yastam vedasa vedavil”


It is like the unbroken flow of oil, like the continuous ring tone of the bell.

This sound cannot be uttered from the mouth.

This sound can only be heard in the inner ear upon withdrawal of the life currents from the body.

That simple.

This is what the Guru of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna has to say about Scriptures.




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September 20, 2016 at 1:57 am

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5 Responses

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  1. Well Said Amit ji. People created caste based on their father and foefather which is fundamentally wrong.
    Moreover, why it is wovened in daily cultures to comply 100% for all type of persons.
    Awaiting for more form you on spiritual side.


    September 20, 2016 at 8:42 am

    • My dear Karthik, I saw these questions on your personal blog

      How Holy Books arrived ? How Gods got power? Why so many Gods?

      Holy books have arrived by personal experience of the authors.

      God is only one. One has become many.

      Others are causal beings / angels etc. eg: one of them could be responsible for sustenance of this single Physical Universe, there can be as many Universes as the grains of sand. Just as the CEO delegates work to GM, VP, these beings perform their work in Cosmic Operation.

      So, the concept of millions of demi-gods who are performing various roles. As per Vedas even Atom is aware of itself. every atom. Ditto for Earth, Jupiter, Sun, Moon etc. Every star. So, they can be considered as demi Gods as they influence affect on our physical body.

      Best wishes


      September 20, 2016 at 9:01 am

      • Amit , My humble thoughts. I think if we really need to know about concepts of demi-gods etc. It is confusing for a common person. These concepts seem remote. Buddha said that all that need to you know and observe is what is happening inside your body. It makes sense to me as we are always with body while alive.

        Will like to know your thoughts on this.


        September 20, 2016 at 5:26 pm

        • You are right.

          There is little value in trying to contemplate metaphysical concepts, that does not lead to personal improvement / evolution. But sometimes the question does come to the mind as to why this was done. Someone asked me, maybe when I was 10, who is your favourite God? I had to make up / fake it and scratch my head and ask myself, is this one really my favourite God. So, what was the basis of introducing these concepts, this question does come to the mind. But its academic, and does not lead to self improvement. Karthik’s son, I believe he is less than ten years old, raised this question. I had same questions in my mind.

          What you are saying it totally right, these externalities, rituals can make you lost in the woods. One cannot understand another person, one cannot even understand an Atom (not an army of Noble prize winning physicists has been able to :-)). So, to understand “totality”, one does not have to bother much trying to understand external phenomenon (weather) or other people, but understand one. It like drilling a hole inside oneself. One cannot drill the whole frozen surface of the lake to get to the water below, but a particular point and get to the water, that point is us.

          Once one drills inside oneself, gradually Truth becomes known.

          But trying to get to more details on how the phenomenon is sustaining an atom, physical cosmos, dark energy, dark matter, various types of beings, is an inquisitive question out of curiosity and not necessarily leading to Truth. But intellect and mind take their own due time to settle down (some time many many lifetimes).

          Those who are hungry for the Truth, go straight to the point. If there is a fire in the cinema hall, you shoot for the doors or windows and do not sit down and calculate the best way out and probabilities and outcomes in a great detail. The straight point in this case being self-inquiry as Buddha stated. So, without knowing anything external science like Mathematics or Physics one can know everything.


          September 20, 2016 at 7:55 pm

  2. It was pleasure reading your thoughts.

    Shripad Gokhale

    September 22, 2016 at 5:20 pm

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