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If you have understood it correctly, your business is not being a bank teller, or software developer, but its to be employable, marketable, and on the lookout for job, consulting or business and whatever works to get you bread and butter, and then some.

A garment makes tells you ‘you are what you wear’, smoothie maker confuses you, ‘you are what you eat’, a magazine publisher addles you further, ‘you are what you read’, clubs are not far behind in telling you, ‘you are as good as the company you keep’.

My goal is to communicate that ‘you are a soul’. As a recluse, intelligent, solitary, multi disciplinary investor, that makes his own decisions after weighing the probabilities, your chances of knowing and experiencing that you are a soul are over 10-20X greater than the priests or pastors of a Hindu/Christian etc. denomination. Stupid people will never find God, there is some hope for intelligent people though. Intelligence is not the only way, work, devotion, sincerity through earnest effort also result in the likewise.

Once you are convinced and experienced that you are indeed a soul, your outlook will change. Wouldn’t a person with 10 year horizon think differently to a person with 10 trillion year horizon?


Universe is working on strict laws, and nothing less or more. But talk about meaning of life, and you see rational people talk fuzzy. There can only be one truth and law of life and life after life, not one dependent on beliefs but on facts.


Its true that man has evolved from a protoplasm, but I have not read a single book written in the past 300 years by a formal university talk about evolution of human brain and what the next rung in the ladder is? That is because the law of life is excluded from the holistic study. Human, pretty much like any other species, is just an intermediate step on the spiral staircase of expanded consciousness.

Wild goose chase?

If you have read the book from any athiest that trying to find your higher Self is a wild goose chase, you can trust me that those people have not even tried sincerely for even 1 hour per day for 6 months.

Okay, soul exists but why should I care

Its right that you need to find your own calling. If your drive is to be a leading authority on any discipline and otherwise productive activities, you must follow your heart. My maternal grandfather is 91 and he does not care two hoots about life after death. Others are a bit more receptive to the idea of soul and say, “If there is life after human death, then great its a bonus for me, however I have no interest in finding out more as yet”.

As far as I am concerned, I care about the truth and experience rather than theory or belief. So, the truth is that man is encased in layers of bodies subtler than physical bodies, and mostly when a normal person physically dies, he goes into a sleep like coma not realizing the difference between short daily sleep or longer rest post bodily death sleep. Some stay confused. Depending upon the sum total and potential energy of previous desires and whatever is best available the next round of projection into the subsequent body begins. If that is a perfectly acceptable outcome, then you should stay put and channel energies in whatever business you are in. I find it distasteful to be re-born even once more. The cyclic round carries on for trillion times until the dreamer wants to wake up with intelligent self effort while alive.


Its not the goal thing alone, the whole journey is supposed to be fun. People are willing to pay the top dollar for narcotics, there is more kick in the bliss one can feel through sincere practice than through narcotics, so that is also a freebie thrown in by the nature to follow the Path.

So, mind your business, you are an eternal soul, do not let anyone talk you out of it, and importantly experience it. I was told by the wise that if you are not feeling the bliss, perhaps you are not thinking for others.

Written by amitdipsite

May 1, 2016 at 9:50 am

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  1. Good one sir. There is a neat depth in this, from the inner side


    May 1, 2016 at 12:51 pm

  2. Hi Amit,

    Good one 🙂 Happy to see your spiritual dimension of you.. I am a reading book “The Eleventh Hour: Biography of Swami Rama” It talks about various aspects of soul and other things. Pretty amazing facts of swami Rama’s life. Sometimes i feel what the heck i am doing by going after money and Stocks.. Sometimes feel, i need money to survive without fear of poverty and hardship. Oscillating between two.. Feeling disingenuous on either side of life. Its a awesome post.. Looking forward to more..


    Eternal Seeker

    May 2, 2016 at 2:26 pm

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