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We are in the ascending Bronze Age (aka Dwapara Yuga in the Vedas) since the year 1700 AD, the Greeks ages correspond with the Indian Yugas. The Kali yuga (Iron Age), Dwapara yuga (Bronze Age), Treta yuga (Silver Age) and Satya yuga (Golden Age) correspond to the four Greek ages. So this is an age of energy and atom. Subsequent ages correspond to time and space annihilation, and complete penetration into the veil of illusion.

My hero is Sri Yukteswar, who, through his books who through his living work, allowed me to understand the complete history of mankind, of which Darwin’s theory is but a fractional part integrated into the system, advanced civilizations of the past, the dark ages and diminished intellectual comprehension in men, madness of wars, and finally re-coming of scientific age after the 1700s and spate of discoveries since then. It is the intellect of the man that ascends and descends in these ages, and consequently external achievements in the realm of nature.

Some more details here

As per the mathematical computations and evidence thus far that corroborates with the facts and thory, we are in for a period of accelerated change until the year 12,500 AD in the solar system due to the elleptical orbit of sun around the star system that has hitherto been undiscovered by mainstream science. Farthest point in the Ellipse being the point of nadir for intellectual comprehension aka Iron Age, and closest point providing organisms with increased magnetism of intelligence and understanding, thus Golden Age. The years between 1700-1900 was transition between Iron and the Bronze Age, meaning the proper Bronze age started in just the year 1900. When this was proposed by Sri Yukteswar, it was considered a heresy and he was bestowed with rotten tomatoes. Great people are ahead of their time, sometimes aeons ahead.


The superficial disruption that we have seen in the recent 200 years on the surface of all industries, trading systems (Uber, E-commerce, Self driven vehicles), and companies is just the tip of an iceberg. There is a limit beyond which the human mind cannot compute, and therefore unable to forecast the probabilities either. But suffice it to say that the world would change more in the next 100 years than it has changed in the previous 1000 years.

Fully Functional

The existing universe is already fully functional and does not require human support or help, the potential to evolve and increased intelligence pre-exists. Future scientists can do not more than investigate and play with one or more infinite aspects of the nature.

Finite Externalities

Everything is finite including human species. Prana likes to create new lifeforms all the time, to avoid the sordid boredom of nature over the span of eternity.

Economic Structures

What follows thus, is, if the species is changing, albiet so slowly as to be almost un-observable in a limited lifespan of 29,000 days for a lucky human being, the external structures (institutions, governments etc.) that support current understanding and fulfill current needs would also change.

Shape of Future over the next few centuries

There are many alternate paths but one could argue that it is not worthwhile conjecturing them because one would not be in this body while the far future state eventuates.

I believe that following will come about over the next few 100s of years from an external perspective:

  • Handful of companies will control the world, which would be inevitably taken over by the Government. Most likely in AI, Space Exploration, Gravity based propulsion and Robotics.
  • Era of Plenty (No deprivation of humans for food, clothing or shelter). Energy can be immediately converted to Food, Clothing or Residence.
  • One World (No country specific boundary or passports).
  • No stock exchange (There may be other platforms to be a capitalist, but most of the world would appear to have socialist overtones and there would be no listed companies).
  • No banks (Makes no sense to buy with money or have banks since all houses, food, clothing will be provided by the Government to majority of humans, IOUs will be in different shape and form)
  • AI will be the Government, including Judges, machines will be better at most of the decision making.

It may sound bad but may not be so. So, go and have fun with the small and mid caps while the equity markets last. May be some other time on the internal perspective.



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April 15, 2016 at 10:10 pm

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have just one thing to say on “suffice it to say that the world would change more in the next 100 years than it has changed in the previous 1000 years.” Read this passage in the book Against the Gods where the writer mentions that after Galileo invented pendulum, it took 30 years to reduce the average time error from 15 minutes a day to less than 10 seconds. Today we can laugh at them for time taken on reducing the time error however considering the resources available, they did their best.
    Reminds me of the famous quote by Newton, “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
    I have no or very little knowledge of spiritual system but for me the change in next 100 years will be more because of the available resources or standing on the shoulders of Giants.




    April 16, 2016 at 2:21 am

  2. Wow Amit. You are surprising with your wide knowhow and your ability to update everything. keep them coming for us in simplified english.


    April 16, 2016 at 4:03 am

    • Dear Karthik,

      As Sarvdeep has said above, we stand on the shoulders of the Giants.

      Imagine if we were born in the jungle like Mowgli. I doubt if anyone of us could figure out by ourselves that earth is like a football in the absence of books, society and written or oral knowledge.

      At the same time there is a massive delusion that we are the creators of something while all the raw material is already available, we create nothing really, we only transmute and change the direction of matter. Not to belittle the contribution of material scientists, many of us would not be alive today if not for the drugs invented recently for malaria, chicken pox, tuberculosis etc. Human intellect has developed in excess of morality because of precipitate and inaccurate verdict of western scientists and blind belief in the monstrous material creation without the base of underlying organising intelligence, hence we are staring at the problem of monkey holding the gun (human the nuke).




      April 16, 2016 at 10:57 am

  3. Hi, Sir,
    Your blog ‘accelerating change’ coincides with ideas promoted by Sadhguru of Isha Foundation that that day is not very far when countries will have no boundaries and that Center of Power will be with large profit making companies. I am full with you on ‘let us have our play with the companies while equity markets’. And to help us do that – how about your valuable inputs on good company bets!!!. Thank you and Regards. Shaukat

    shaukat ali

    April 16, 2016 at 9:09 am

    • Dear Shaukat, In India I like financial sector and pharma, invested in GIC Housing, Bajaj Finance, Manappuram, Muthoot Capital, Satin Creditcare in the Financial Sector.

      All the best to you



      April 16, 2016 at 10:47 am

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