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Rules of the game for the wise

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Ignorance of law is no excuse. Laws are strict and harsh, especially the non-man-made ones but also usually man made ones too. For instance, if an innocent child puts his hand in the electric wall socket or touches the hot stove, he will be burned.

Try eating a hundred sandwiches or apples in a week and note  changes in digestive system, digestive system has rules too, enough said, point made.

I wondered why were Christ’s ten commandments, so unpopular, obviously the person rebels if “told to do so” aka commandment, than “reaching out due to a personal and intimate need felt”. There is no other field of profession in the world except spirituality where the aspirant has not been disillusioned, eventually. Whereas in spirituality, nobody said after reaching the goal “It was not worth it”.

There are a few laws that are, hitherto, not mass discovered, or have not yet reached mass consensus, but rules they are, some of them I know from personal experience, others I am experimenting upon:

  1. Goal of life is to seek happiness and avoid pain.
  2. Nature and quality of happiness seeking varies from person to person.
  3. Man is essentially incorporeal in nature and is layered like onion peels in sheets of bodies from gross to the subtlest.
  4. Purpose of religion is to free the person from infinite rounds of birth and deaths aka. Moksha or Nirvana (you can discuss the nuances once you reach there).
  5. Forced rounds of births occur due to unfilled desires, eg: even an insignificant desire to taste chocolate can force one to manifest in a physical form.
  6. Performing noble deeds in life, such as, being charitable or being monetarily philanthropic, may give one a short lived happiness, however, it does not absolve the man from the highest duty and liberating obligation of being grateful to the Only Benefactor that created a system that allows man to breathe in the first place. This is Christ’s first commandment.
  7. Universe is living. Every Atom (Hydrogen for example) is aware of itself and is endowed with individuality.
  8. Morality is prime necessity for exponential evolutionary growth.
  9. Religion is all about speeding up the evolution, so that man can reach cosmic consciousness.
  10. You will not get any answers after death. All answers must be sought while living.
  11. Even physically, there is no greater happiness than being in bliss of Ever-New-Increasing-Joy, thousand billion fold stronger than physical orgasm and increasingly felt  in every cell of body. This state is called Sat-Chit-Ananda in Vedas or “Lifting the Serpent in Wilderness” John 3:14 in bible. Effectively it has a biological basis called Kundalini.
  12. If you do not make personal earnest effort now, gradually the nature will also bring to pass the same goal after millions of re-incarnational rounds.
  13. Imagine the difference between the consciousness of an ‘ant’ and that of a ‘human’, there is exponential fold increase that man can experience within this body in a single lifetime, some of those who did reach that state were labelled prophets and their work was called scriptures.


Written by amitdipsite

March 11, 2016 at 11:27 pm

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  1. Good one.. All best for the eternal quest. Wanted share a website, Since this is a spiritual blog too going forward. 🙂

    His devotee Krishna Das sings very divine chants.. It gives me blissful experience every time i sing his chants. Check this link too..



    March 14, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    • Thanks for sharing Balaji. You do understand that bhajans are supposed to be acapella and deeply devotional and only lovers of God experience ecstasy as they culminate in physical effects on application of Will power and Feeling. Musical vibrations have an effect on brain. Hope to write an article some day about it.

      All India present day music and bollywood is imitation of the west. The soul of Indian music is “longing for God” through a single instrument as opposed to an orchestra. Feel the ecstasy 🙂


      March 24, 2016 at 10:03 pm

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