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Photo Output Market stats and trends

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Above is a presentation from Photokina 2010.

Less than half a dozen manufacturers gasping their last breath. Minilabs installation globally are still waning as per slide 11, not sure if this is even better than no-growth industry. This does mean that no manufacturing competitor will enter this business and those who do remain standing will be profitable in growth phase to follow. Kiosks are on the rise. 250 Billion photos stored in digital media and rapidly rising which provides the shape to ascending histograms on Slide 7. If you notice the rise on Page 4, its gentler but the primary cause for Page 7. Its similar to mp3 format –> iPod

A new Industry consortium has been formed to promote photo printing

Founding companies of the Innovation in Photo Imaging consortium are: Eastman Kodak Co., Fujifilm North America, Hewlett-Packard, IPI – Independent Photo Imagers Inc., Noritsu America Corp., PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations; Unibind/Peleman Industries and Xerox Corp..

PMAI trends in printing

In a flattish market, real winners were minilab consumables and kiosks. Online channel deemed dandy has slipped. Well, even if prints were ordered online, they would end up in a minilab or printer of some sort.

Last year’s report.

What we make out is – in absolute terms, number of manufacturers, minilab installations globally are on decline. But the traffic / output per minilab is increasing. It is no longer feasible to survive by manufacturing minilab and owning a retail store that does only this business. Therefore only big format stores with minilab based printing as a side business can hope to survive.


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    Amit Arora

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