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Some tips for Healthy Living

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Other than things we cannot control in our life, what we can – are, what we eat and what we can avoid.

I will highly recomend following don’ts:

– Throw away all plastic bottles from your home used for drinks
– Do not buy Diet Coke, Zero Coke due to Aspartame and now Sucralose
– Do not buy any artificial sweeteners
– Do not use Micro Wave ovens as much as possible
– Check on all packets of snacks, noodles for Monosodium Glutamate, Flavor Enhancer numbers 621, 635, 637, shun them, there are dozens of tasty Indian snacks that do not have these flavour enhancers
– Needless to say avoid cigarette

All above factors with prolonged use increase risk of cancer. Best to err on side of caution. No corporation will conduct a study that takes 30 years of persistent followups on humans, their aim is to make money. Regulatory bodies are just puppets in hands of pharma companies as are policians including US politicians are stooges of rich few.


– Keep heartbeat above 100 a minute for 20 minutes a day, brisk walking or cycling
– Eat as much fruits as possible and dry fruits daily in limit (esp, walnuts and almonds)

After all we want to also enjoy the physical wealth for as long as possible.


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November 16, 2010 at 10:09 pm

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