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How one can think of money

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In this conversaiton with Rahul, I ‘d like to dedicate a post to how I think of money. You all also must be having different ideas about how you see money.

In school days I considered earning money to be an evil cause, so much so that I considered participating in a job interview also as evil, because you are out crowding and trampling on others desire to acquire same job by winning. Ofcourse, my thinking in teenage was flawed. If you get a job and do your job better than others, then you have done the right thing.

Money is energy for me, which can be channeled into any type of work.

More or less money is also relative like everything else.

If we compare earth’s status in not Milky way galaxy but observable universe (in 1930s scientists thought that there are only 3 – 4 galaxies). We have about 100 billion galaxies, each having 100 billion stars, Sun is an ordinary sized star with 9 big rocks rotating around it. Earth being one of rocks, is insignificant.

As of today we don’t know whethere that are 100 billion parallel Universes too…Physics today believes in only 1 universe and possibility of others. Imagine viewing earth form some other Universe or one of 100 billion galaxies each having 1000s of crores of stars, its insignificant. If size of India is like Milky Way galaxy, then earth is like a small speck of one of thousands floating dust/ pollen grain particle that you see in sunlight.

All wealth of past and present Fortune/Forbes Billionaires is on that particle. Very much like in Movie “Horton Hears A Who”… all universe is inside a flower. So wealth is only in relative sense because we are so small. A wise man said, “If you get an idea of how much territory you cover, then you will immediately leave everyone and everything”.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates could suddenly land in a galaxy where they are poorest people because each inhabitant there has half a dozen suns and few hundeded planets as holiday homes. I am all for big money but not for desire gratification to buy Ferraris as they are as endless as river’s flow into ocean. That said, poverty is evil, as bad as cancer. So money/material wealth is a necessity and pre requisite. But working only for money both as a means and an end is becoming a slave. You should ask yourself, what will you do if you get 1000 times more money than you have today. If the answer after 10 – 20 years is to have still 100 times more money, I think life is wasted. By all means we should dream big and feature in Forbes Billionaires list and represent yourself but show some difference unlike a Cruise Ship or personal Jets.

Its bound to be a very debatable topic and some people will say, living simply is a flawed theory. I am all for living lavishly if someone wants to, you should own Lamborghini and better cars, but if you lose it, and you also lose your temper with it, money earned is not worth. It worth asking oneself, how much is more than enough, because if one can’t do that you’ll never know what’s enough. Imagine you get that next month, then what ?


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November 11, 2010 at 11:38 pm

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  1. I have thought about this too and i concur with what you say.Even research has proved that lottery winners are happy or sad about the same after 6 months as they were before winning the lottery.I believe in 'money is what money does'.Real happiness comes from engaging in activities and not just by having a million dollars in your bank account.Also i'd like to quote Munger,”The secret of happiness is to have low expectations.” I have thought about this long and hard and its true!


    November 12, 2010 at 2:12 am

  2. Another thing I have learnt is that those folks, who all their life look for “whats in it for me” never quite reach contentment.

    Howard Hughes, one of the richest men in the world just before his death on the radio carried his reply to a recent question, “Are you happy?” “No,” answered the billionaire, “I can't say that I'm happy.”

    For example those who want to expand their empire, kingdom, etc. If we work with spirit of 'work' it soon becomes tiring, but if we perform with temperament of 'service' as we may volunteer sometimes, we do not mind. Somehow, giving is an expansive and liberating emotion.

    But if we can try to be “happy in other happiness” we are more likely to be content and happier. I did not believe until few months back that tellers in bank counters also dream of working as tellers in banks as their dream profession, those people have never made a single mistake in life, opposed to those who work as tellers for a living.

    A wise quote, “You don't have to own a thing to enjoy it. To possess things is all right, provided your possessions don't possess you”.


    November 12, 2010 at 2:51 am

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