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Interview with Vet Doctor in Gujarat regarding Poultry Prospects

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I had an interview with Dr Hemant Gupta, Anand, Gujarat.

Qs: Do you anticipate any serious outbreak in the current calendar in
poultry industry and level of preparedness within our industry.
>Well as such on mass scale i donot anticipate any seriuos outbreak of any disease in the calender year in poultry industry except a few sporadic incidences of H5N1 in eastern parts of India or localised cases of Ranikhet disease and Gumboro.
The level of preparedness is good as we havein our country good number
of trained Poultry consultants and Vaccines and Antimicrobial are
available without any shortage if sudden outbreaks are reported

Qs: What are the main areas where Simran Farms has an advantage over other
poultry companies in India.
>In term of geograpical reach of Simran Farms Ltd. they have presence in Gujarat,Maharastra,M.P,Eastern U.P and Chattisgarh mainly; out of which in Gujarat Simaran is the leading market player in Broiler Chicken farmingwith a capacity of above 15 lakh birds across Gujarat State

Qs: What are the advantages of bigger poultry companies over smaller player
in this sector.
>Main advantages are:
1. They can plan their operation in a better way
2.If they make loss in one state ,they have oppurtunity to book profit
from operations in other state where broiler prices are higher
3.They can manage Human capital efficiently as people will prefer to
work in thier parent state where they work with full devotion and
4.they have better or improvised practices because of better R & D
facility and rich workforce

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July 17, 2010 at 7:41 am

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