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Brahmin and Knots

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Scriptures are full of knots.

Mythology is woven into the rituals which makes its way into daily culture.

You have snake talking in the Garden of Eden as per Christian bible. Snakes certainly do not talk.

You have two persons having a lecture in the middle of battlefield in Hindu Gita, certainly no place to conduct a lecture.

So, scriptures are knotted and the inner meaning is not known intellectually. It is experienced inside oneself as one accelerates personal evolution.

This is what St John talks about in The Revelation, my notes in the previous post

Why are scriptures knotted ?

Simply because the non-Brahmins do not have the privilege to read and comprehend the inner meaning of the scriptures.

You could call the authors / propagators of Vedas to be very clever and racist for restricting the scriptures only to the Brahmins. Actually the Brahmins of the yore were very humble, the did not even know what “shrewdness / cleverness” meant, and were liberally propagating the spread of knowledge.

The inclination and quality of the child determined their profession, not genetic lineage. Today, the system has retrograded far beyond imagination, the son of so-called Brahmin automatically inherits the surname of their father. It is not determined by their personal qualities. Son of Mr. Sharma is Mr. Sharma, whereas this was not meant to be, it was supposed to be evaluated by the teachers in the school aka gurukul where the child attends education. As per the original design, Shudra could be the son of Brahmin and vice-versa.

So, lets came back to what Brahmin means and who has the right to be called a Brahmin, not Mr. Sharma or Mr. Trivedi based on the inherited surname. Its pretty simple what Brahmin means as described in Hinduism. The definition of Brahmin is a person who can utter the sound of Om (Amen in Christianity, Ameen in Islam). This sound is referred to in the Vedas as

“Tailadharam avichannam deerha handani nadaval
avachyam pranavasyagram yastam vedasa vedavil”


It is like the unbroken flow of oil, like the continuous ring tone of the bell.

This sound cannot be uttered from the mouth.

This sound can only be heard in the inner ear upon withdrawal of the life currents from the body.

That simple.

This is what the Guru of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna has to say about Scriptures.




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Alan Watts

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Beautiful, in total alignment with Alan’s thoughts. You can experience the whole cosmos, finding which nothing else remains remains to be experienced.






To cut the long story short, you have no future in your current shape or form. Like a flower wilts, the human falls apart. But the “now” is constantly Godding.

Every atom changes trillions of times a second, same goes for every organ in the body, yet something unchanging watches the whole mind and body complex become from child to adult. Find out who that is !

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How to generate equity ideas

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Land was the raw material for Agricultural Age,

Iron was the raw material for Industrial Age,

Data for the Information Age,

Information synthesis is the raw material for the Knowledge Age.

Equity Idea generation is the raw material for the Equity Analysts.

Before I go to the HOWTO, end goal must be clear.

End goal is to:

a) Not lose money;

b) Compound above inflation;

c) Improve the character and quality of the portfolio;

d) Leave a legacy.

If you start with 10,000 USD today, and compound at 15% CAGR via NGO/family/fund/institution for 150 years, your fund would have accumulated 13 Trillion USD, size of US economy. You would have achieved point d), you can actually influence the planet’s direction in many fields of human endeavor.

Investors focus on Rate-of-return but ignore Time dimension.


Fortunately there are only 60,000 listed companies in the world (opposed to millions of unlisted) and Buffett suggests that you start with alphabet A. Read annual reports.

Blogs / Newspaper / Discussion Forums

Tailcoat other investors or take lead from existing news articles. You need to have superior information processing ability, which comes with time, so the same news article could mean alarm bells ringing in your mind or an idea of opportunity, when others do not take a cue.

Eg: Automated driving cars and pay-as-you-go model means real estate prices in CBDs will go down, parking buildings will be vacant.

Malls / Shopping / Consumption

Ideas can come from things you and your family already consumes. Movie hall, pop corn, cosmetics, food brands etc.

52 week high / low

This can be an interesting place as well, depending on your mindset as trader or investor.

Corporate Disclosures

Companies are required to make disclosures to the exchange. Its fact, not fiction or fabrication by a journalist.

Stock Screeners

This can prove to be useful if searching on quantitative parameters.

Post shortlisting of an idea, further research is required on the company. Half the people like to meet management and other half feel no need to (eg: Walter Schloss). I fall in the latter half. Over a 2-3 year period the management intentions are automatically reflected in their actions and corporate announcements. If you have a long horizon, then there is no need to meet management. I believe that you can find out more by doing industry research, phone calls, google search, scuttlebutt by calling as a customer, trade partner and competitors, going through past ten years of management actions than meeting management in person.

Disclosure: Views are personal notions and do not represent any organisation or company. Investment in stock market can (and many a times do) result in loss of principal capital.

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Multi-country / Frontier investing

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Frontier markets matter because they have disproportionately low levels of income relative to human potential and intelligence. The expansion of per capita requires stable political regime. Mean reversion. No breakthrough or discovery is awaited unlike the developed world. Per capita can go up 10-20-30X by replicating models from other successful countries.

In 2014, Argentinians consumed the most soft drinks per capita in the world, 156 litres. Coca-Cola’s CEO pledged to invest $1 billion in Argentina over a four-year period starting in 2016.

You can imagine in your mental eye, Buffett salivating over a can of cherry coke. (Soda is harmful for good health. Do not forget the base rates and sample size when citing Buffett age 86 consuming 6 can of cokes daily).






Benefits of Frontier market investing

  • Frontier markets are where emerging markets were in 1990s. A lot of them are close to high single digit growth and can easily go up to double digit GDP growth rates.
  • Some of these markets are depending on single commodity, Nigeria on Oil, I lost a little here in 2015.
  • 3.5 Analysts per equity (for very large companies) vs 20 analysts per equity for Emerging country.
  • Hidden Gems – According to the index provider MSCI, emerging markets made up approximately 1% of global market capitalization 30 years ago. By 2015, emerging markets had increased to nearly 10%. Similarly, frontier markets in 2015 made up less than 1% of global market capitalization and could follow a similar growth trajectory. While they are becoming popular with family offices, frontier markets are still relatively undiscovered by most retail investors, with only a handful of mutual funds currently available
  • Uniqueness brings diversification. Six stock portfolio in a single country not the same as six stock portfolio in six countries. Not only do frontier markets have low correlations with developed and emerging markets, but they have very little correlations amongst each other as well. Individual frontier market countries are quite distinct from each other. For example, Kuwait is one of the larger countries in the frontier market index, and is classified as a high income country by the World Bank, while another large index country, Nigeria, is classified as lower middle income. The issues are impacting Nigeria today due to low oil prices have very little impact on Argentina or Pakistan, and investing in a broad range of frontier markets reduces the volatility and risk of investing in any individual frontier market in isolation. Argentina has just been through a major election and is in the process of enacting sweeping political reforms.
  • Frontier today, emerging tomorrow. While frontier markets are risky, many are now in periods of relative stability, with political reform and greater democracy allowing for further development and investment in infrastructure and a more favorable business environment for investors. Frontier markets typically trade at cheaper valuations than their more developed peers and have higher dividend yield. The support of population and policy should translate into stronger GDP growth for frontier markets. The ultimate path for a frontier market is to grow into an emerging market. Both the United Arab Emirates and Qatar recently graduated from frontier to emerging market status.

         China was a frontier market in 1970, today it is second largest economy.

         Similarly most frontier markets will be middle income countries by 2040.

  • Lack of liquidity: Liquidity is an important issue for investors in frontier markets. Companies tend to have more restrictions on foreign investors, and trading volume is much lower than in developed markets or emerging markets. This can make both entering and exiting positions more challenging, especially in times of market stress. This is an asset class where patience is necessary to capitalize on the long term theme. This is a positive for small investors.


  • One can run the risk of being too early.
  • They are volatile, lack liquidity. This can be looked at positively.
  • Political regime
  • Currency


Frontier FTSE classification


FTSE Frontier classification

Low correlation with frontier markets:


Frontier markets have low correlation with other markets

The 5 year correlation (using monthly index returns) was 0.87 as of June 30th 2014. Frontier Markets, on the other hand, remain more local in character, heavily driven by internal economic and political dynamics. The 5 year correlation of the FTSE Frontier Index with the FTSE Developed All Cap and Emerging All Cap indices remain relatively low at 0.58 and 0.52 respectively as of June 30th 2014. Furthermore, Frontier Markets have relatively low correlations amongst each other. This is highlighted by cross-country correlation between Frontier Markets of 0.30 compared with 0.52 for Emerging and 0.70 for Developed. Thus, a Frontier Markets Index offers diversification and low correlation to other asset classes held in a typical index.

Labour Force – Advantage Frontier


Urbanisation – Frontier Trumps Emerging


Investors love poverty not because of masochism but optimism regarding it reversal.


Contrarian Strategy

Which ever frontier market is hammered down, one can take a position before the institutions. (eg: Cadbury Nigeria, GSK Nigeria, Unilever Nigeria are down 60-85% from their Peaks). You do not have to agree with the crowd or institutions. Make your own path. For inspiration read Einstein’s rejection letter. Einstein was Berned Out, ironically he succeeded and this image has a postal stamp next to it for greater contrast effect. (Letter translated to English) (Stay true to your inner compass. Science or other people cannot understand you completely. Eg: “you are soul, you are soul”, and leaving to fate without personal concerted effort while being alive you will be born a million trillion times again and again in human or other physical body type, I don’t have to seek advice / opinion, I know it to be the case, it is the Truth as per every scripture and experience of the evolved person).


Professor Wilhelm: The Universe is more strange than we “can” imagine


Think Long Term

Benefits of multi country investing:

  • Automatic prevention of foolish decisions of over concentration (It takes time to repatriate funds plus one incurs higher transaction costs). Instills disciple – protects from bias.
  • Less correlation among equities.
  • Suitable for long term multi generational scenario.
  • Its a risk to assume that a single country would do well over your/your children’s lifetime.

More stable at the base of the Pyramid ( For Anti-fragile, Black Swan resilient portfolio)

More stable.png


After everything is said and done, more is said than done. I am the only person I know who is focussed on investing yet has watched CNBC less than 10 days in the previous 10 years. People talk but don’t pull the trigger. Some folks sell mutual funds but do not invest in them, some run mutual funds but do not own substantial position in their own fund, some news readers talk about stock (500 a year) and hardly, if ever invest in them. We really believe in multi country, multi generational investing and let the skin in the game do the speaking.


Last but not least, I will ensnare you with an Authority Bias, although there are reasons that Prof. Bakshi is trying to help me, but he also believes in investing in more than a single country, and have provided me with the opportunity to invest for him in countries outside India.

Prof. Bakshi – Leading Value Investor and Teacher

Disclosure: Views are personal notions and do not represent any organisation or company. Investment in stock market can (and many a times do) result in loss of principal capital.

References: Forbes, FTSE

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Begging vs Demanding

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Truth as experienced by evolutionary forerunners

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The scriptures are a revelation, perceived from intuition, not intellectually arrived at, although intellect is satisfied with the proof. Bacteria has evolved to Einstein on this planet, future potential is unlimited as well. Current potential for a human is also exponential within a single lifetime. The brain has developed sufficiently, the alignment of thought patterns, desire vortex and rewiring work is required foe experiential bliss. Those who experience such revelations are termed as Prophets. Misunderstanding about religion is common and you can hear people say its better to be spiritual not religious. They lack concrete understanding. The actual basis of religion / rituals (not mandatory at all) was for the time and clime and based on actual experience of human who came to be known as Prophets.

There may be a lot of conflict outwardly among the followers of various streams of religions, the persons to whom the revelation happened (Krishna, St. Francis, St. John, Prophet Mohammad) get along quite well with each other.

To the untrained eye, why is there so much difference between religions? Truth must be same. As explained by numerous practitioners, I had written a short book on the topic, can be downloaded from here.

The soul in encased in three containers, causal, astral and physical. The anatomy of astral body is discussed threadbare in Upanishads of India. With seven spinal centers, one eye, and 72,000 nerves it is the basis of forms the physical body. Google for “kundalini”, 11.3 million results from google as of today. The double helix like strand formed by Moon / Sun (Cooling / Warming) astral nerves Ida / Pingala inside the astral spine meets at the point between eyebrows. They criss-cross at seven points in the astral spine. This is experienced by consciously withdrawing the life current from the physical body. At the point above forehead a thousand-rayed light like that of million trillion suns is experienced.

When Kundalini is activated and stabilized, bliss is experienced (some times even physically thousand billion times intense whole body orgasms are experienced). Example of a recent recorded experience, even in mild form.

The biological transformation cannot be haphazard (unlike that displayed in Hollywood movies X-Men / Mutants). It is quite a predicted trajectory, at least we know that for the next step, if not further steps.

Christ was crucified once but his teachings are crucified daily at the hands of theologians, translators and intellectual interpretations.


Going to church or temples does not provide an experience of God, it only promotes “Churchianity”, similarly temples are meeting places of pigeons and parrots.


The true meaning of the scripture is realised inside oneself, which is the actual battlefield of Mahabharata (topic for another discussion).


Scriptures have knot points not understood by the intellect nor even by devouring the libraries.


Even Mahabharata is not understood and mis-interpreted for the real spiritual meaning is something else altogether, which contains the Hindu revered Gita commentary, is the inner battle, nobody names their sons Duryodhana, Dushasana (Cruel warrior, Cruel ruler etc.) and nobody has exact 100 sons. India never had a system of polyandry but this book contains an example of a lady marrying five men. The analogy of lady is Kundalini power and it pierces the five centres until the cervical centre in the astral spine. Krishna and Arjuna are having a discourse in the battlefield, clearly no place for a lecture. So, the allegories appear true but have a different meaning for the spiritual aspirant.


Let us see what St John wrote by his personal intuition and experience. St. John did not read a library full of books in order to write the book on Revelation.


To know truth, you must experience it in your own consciousness. The Hindu Yogis and Swamis practicing Yoga or the science of oriental Christian metaphysics have given almost identical descriptions in Yoga books as of all that has been recorded by St. John from his inner experiences.

Lets refer to what St John says in revelation from his personal experience and effort.

Revelation 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet.



Revelation 1:11 Saying I am Alpha and Omega, the first and last, and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches…


Meaning: In Spirit is St. Johns consciousness, he was leaving the world of vibratory matter. Sound of Om, Amen, Amin. Cosmic Motor. He describes vividly his experience behind the ego (Ego is soul identified with physical dot point).


Revelation 1:12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks.


St. John said in the tenth verse that he was in the Spirit; hence, when he spoke of being turned, he did not refer to bodily motions. He fixed his attention upon, and became one with, the voice which spake or vibrated within him, and as he stayed in that vibratory sphere he perceived the seven golden astral doors of escape which lay within his physical body. The physical and astral bodies are the bodies of energy. How are they connected? The physical body is attached to the astral body by seven candlestick like vibratory seals. Energy flows into the spine through the physical body. Just as electricity flows into the bulb through a wire passage, so the Cosmic Force flows through the medulla into the spine and its seven centres; into the body and its five sense lamps. The astral body of the life force is knotted to the physical body by seven golden candlestick like burning seals.


What is the meaning of candlestic? Two terms have been used, stars as well as candlestics; the former are the lights and the latter, the receptacles. Angel means star, and church means receptacle.

The seven centres of light for the outgoing current are:

(1) Thousand petaled lotus star ( seat of the beautiful, condensed, lotus,like, thousand rayed life current performing the thousand and one functions in the body) : Bliss-ether in which God and the angels abide: main dynamo. Cosmic energy enters the body through the medulla but is stored in, and distributed by, the whole brain;

(2) Medullary centre (seat of the two rayed lotus star of life force (positive negative current) ]: Superether in which thoughts and the life force move;

(3) Cervical centre (seat of the sixteen rayed lotus star of life force) : Ether through which sounds and electrons travel;

(4) Dorsal centre (seat of the twelve-rayed lotus star of life force): Air (vitality);

(5) Lumbar centre (seat of the ten-rayed lotus star of life force): Fire (inner life energy);

(6) Sacral centre (seat of the six-rayed lotus star of life force): Water (circulation);

(7) Coccygeal centre (seat of the four-rayed lotus star of life force): Earth (the gross flesh).


The spinal cord may be likened to a wire. In it are located these seven centres of light which are the subcentres for the conduction and distribution of life current throughout the body. The body is nothing but a condensation of this spinal energy. Just as invisible hydrogen and oxygen atoms can be condensed into visible vapor, water, and ice, so light can be transformed into body which is nothing but frozen energy. You must lose all fear of sickness and accidents; as your body is nothing but energy, it cannot be harmed.

When you realize this, you will be free.

The seven centres are the churches or candlesticks, and the seven stars are their dynamic radiating currents. The Cosmic Energy enters through the medulla to be stored in the brain, whence it descends into the seven centres, feeding the seven elements of which the body is composed. When these seven lights are withdrawn front the body in death, the body disintegrates. In passing from the consciousness of the body to that of the Spirit, one experiences these seven dynamic doors of energy fixed in the astral cerebrospinal axis. The soul must leave the physical. astral, and spiritual bodies through the seven astral doors in order to reach. and merge into, the Spirit. After it lifts its consciousness from the physical body, it must unlock, and pass through. the seven astral doors in the spine.


Revelation 1: 13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

St. John speaks of the form of the astral body as some thing similar to the Son of man. or the physical body which is born of man, or matter. He describes the astral body as boot around the seven candlesticks or seven centres of golden life force, describing it as a garment down to the foot (the entire astral nervous system woven with filaments of nerve currents like a garment). The golden girdle, about the paps, or the swelled astral radiation, is the golden halo which surrounds, girdles, or spreads out around, the entire astral body. By looking steadily with unblinking eyes at the entire outline of one’s body, one can see a vapor, like astral radiation-an astral aureole.


Revelation 1 :14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;


Revelation 1:15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters


The origin of all concentrated finer forces which govern the physical body is in the head; hence the fine, hair, like filaments of white, fleecy lights in the main cerebral centre are described as white, fibrous and fluffy, like wool. The cerebral light of thousand petals or thousand rays, as described in Hindu Yoga books, performing the thousand and one functions in the body, is pure and white as snow. White is the combination of all colors; and the cerebral astral mother cell, the feeder of the above mentioned seven life sub centres of different vibrations and colors, is described as white. The seven subcentres manifest different colors, according to their rates of vibratory manifestations. Different thoughts register different states and colors in the spiritual eye and life force.

The physical eyes proceed from one light centre, just as one switch lights the two headlights of an automobile. Thus the physical body has two eyes, but the astral body has only one eye, like a flame of fire. It is the one astral flame of fire which pours into the two eyes, giving them power and manifesting them as two. For this reason, when the two eye currents are concentrated and thrown back in the medulla by focusing the eyes on the point between the eyebrows, they are perceived as one single spiritual eye of light. ( . . . If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light – Bible) When the two physical eyes manifest the single spiritual eye, then one can perceive, by continuous spiritual development, the physical body as filled with the super,lights of the supersensuous astral body. The astral head is pure white, the astral centres of lesser vibrations are golden, and the astral feet, with the lowest rate of vibration, glow yellow, like melted brass in a furnace.

Vibratory manifestations are accompanied by lights or sounds, whether we register them or not; or rather, vibrations express themselves in us through various lights or sounds. The astral body consists of different rates of vibration, manifesting themselves in different colors and voices, or sounds of many waters, or vibrating elements. Different sounds emanate from the seven elements of the astral med ullary super ether current, ether manifesting cervical current; air, or vitality, dorsal current; fire, lumbar current; water, sacral current, and the earth, coccygeal current. All these- superether in the medulla; ether in the cervical plexus; air current in the dorsal plexus; fire current in the lumbar plexus; water current in the sacral plexus, and earth current in the coccygeal plexus-are the different vibrating elements which constitute the human body, and they give forth different sounds. For this reason, this astral body of many lights and colors is spoken of as emanating from elements.




The soul is trapped inside three bodies – physical, astral/energy/light and ideational/causal, and it is unable to cast of its shackles and escape to Omnipresent Consciousness. The union of human consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness is impossible to reach through intellectual study, imagination, study of scriptures. Such union is possible through knowledge and personal experience of seven astral doors/locks/candlesticks. By withdrawing the life force from the physical body, the physical body become inert/inactive/suspended animation/ or dead as if the current has gone from the bulb, yet one is face to face with one’s astral body, still trapped in two containers but never more alive and clearly aware compared to physical waking state. The soul must learn to free itself from the bondage. No matter what outward religion one professes, one is confronted with the necessity to open the seven seals of energy to unite in Spirit and free oneself from the bodily bondage.


Reference: Writings of Yogananda

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Tanzania unique business quirks

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Corruption is the primary cause of poverty in sub-saharan Africa. Learnt few new things about Tanzania recently.

Telco cheating

The big Telcos in Tanzania are cheating. They continue to evade taxes and continue to grease the palms of corrupt Govt. officials. Just a couple of months back Tanzanian Govt. has installed Telecommunication Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) to check the calls on the Telco network and consequently taxes owed to the Govt.

Previous Govt. was not able to even install monitoring equipment and was paying lip service since 2012. New Govt. has been stern on graft. John Magufuli, the Tanzanian president has moved aggressively to crack down on corruption and government waste. Magufuli cancelled celebrations marking Independence Day on Dec. 9, and ordered the $2 million set aside for the festivities be used to construct a 4.3 km road section in Dar es Salaam. Magufuli has fired at least seven government agency heads since coming to office in November 2015.

Post installation of monitoring system, the tax bill from Telcos to revenue authority has gone up by 4-6 times in the recent few months.

Names of Telcos cheating in Tanzania:

India’s Bharti Airtel




India had installed similar monitoring system CMS

Taxation and other authorities can tap into the system, such as:

  1. Intelligence Bureau
  2. Narcotics Control Bureau
  3. Directorate of Enforcement
  4. Central Board of Direct Taxes
  5. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
  6. Central Bureau of Investigation
  7. National Investigation Agency
  8. Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW)
  9. Directorate of Signal Intelligence, Ministry of Defence- for Jammu & Kashmir, North East & Assam Service Areas only

Currency change

Another comic news in Tanzania is consideration of currency change since previous Govt. officials are sitting on bribe money under their basement/carpet/hole in the backyard/wall. So, currency change can effectively render their money useless, esp. if it a large horde. Clever move.

40% mobile handsets are fake in Tanzania

China is the home to majority of fake mobile phones in Africa. Counterfeit look like the real thing but can be harmful for health and can explode under high temperature, no QC checks. The phones have fake international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) codes. Govt. is about to pull the plug on them.

Disclosure: Views are personal notions and do not represent any organisation or company. Investment in stock market can (and many a times do) result in loss of principal capital.

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