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Concept of God

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To get a context of what I might be saying you may need to read several previous posts, Truth from the Vedas, Superhuman butterfly, Physics and Yoga, Truth as experienced inside, have high level idea of the concept of body being multi layered, multi dimensional, yet connected to dimensionless link, and a lot of thirst to know the truth. Truth can only be one and same for all organisms and non-organisms.

I understand that most of the people who may read may be more rationally inclined or intellectually dominant and feeling/devotion as secondary traits. For these rational doubting types knowing the concept of Yugas / Iron-Bronze-Silver-Golden ages in Greek is important, this is a link to Yugas in this post, Accelerating Change. There are books as well on this topic, such as this one based on Sri Yukteswar’s calculation which was further based on Srimad Bhagvatam: It puts to rest misplaced belief that we are the greatest technologically developed civilisation or will be in the next 30 years with AI based judges, transport, teachers, doctors, laywers, builders, developers etc.

One example of similarity that is vouched by the Prophet of every great religion, who experienced it within their own consciousness is the non-physical sound vibration Aum in Hinduism, Amin in Islam, Amen in Christianity, Ik Aumkar in Sikhism, the unstruck sound of cosmic bell, that is ringing all the time, only if we attune ourselves to it. Once it is understood that we are very primitive organisms and very under developed in our understanding, we are open to learning and knowing. Fortunately, human beings are at the cusp of exponential breakthrough for the next rung of the evolutionary ladder. Our prophets made it to that next rung. We (our civilizations leading physicists) have started thinking over the past 3oo years from matter being not blocks of Lego but fields of energy. The Standard Model of an Atom is mind bending yet largely incomplete because physics refuses to accept Mind, Consciousness, Super Mind, Supramental, Expanded Consciousness, since they are hitherto not-measurable, not withstanding every body is aware that they are conscious in the waking state.

So is the concept of God, largely broken in our time and clime where we feel we are very developed civilization and know the most that has even been known, probably even more than by Alien humanoid races who may have had 30 billions years of biological head start over us.

Below are some excerpts from PY and SK writings:

It is easier, in a sense, to visualize God in the starry heavens than in our own homes. The stars, so remote from our humdrum earthly existence, suggest to our minds infinite stillness, harmony, and wisdom. By contrast, our homes are often scenes of strife and rivalry.

To the extent, however, that we hold God aloof from our daily realities, we alienate Him from the life we know. We need a concept of God that will bring Him into our kitchens, our bedrooms, our living rooms — yes, even when those living rooms are crowded with guests.

If God is everywhere, He must be quite as near as He is far away. We should make Him our immediate reality. We should seek His guidance and inspiration in our most intimate thoughts and feelings; relate to Him when the world is most demanding of our attention; seek His influence in every lightest undertaking.

If we don’t see our need for Him simply in order to exist, we reduce Him to a mental abstraction: useful in mathematics, perhaps, but without any closer, more personal significance.

We are living mostly at the surface of organism-based-living and at the other end of the spectrum is essence of our being, which we get minor glimpses of while being very happy, or relaxed in sleep, however, they are non sustainable states. The goal is to move towards the essence of our being state, aka Samadhi where individual consciousness is merged and melded in the divine.

We need a concept of God that will motivate us to love Him. He is, whether we know it or not, our own nearest and dearest. How we relate to Him is crucial to our happiness.

I will re-iterate certain fundamental laws:

  1. Goal of life is to seek happiness and avoid pain.
  2. Nature and quality of happiness seeking varies from person to person.
  3. Man is essentially incorporeal in nature and is layered like onion peels in sheets of bodies from gross to the subtlest.
  4. Purpose of religion is to free the person from infinite rounds of birth and deaths aka. Moksha or Nirvana (you can discuss the nuances once you reach there).
  5. Forced rounds of births occur due to unfilled desires, eg: even an insignificant desire to taste chocolate can force one to manifest in a physical form.
  6. Performing noble deeds in life, such as, being charitable or being monetarily philanthropic, may give one a short lived happiness, however, it does not absolve the man from the highest duty and liberating obligation of being grateful to the Only Benefactor that created a system that allows man to breathe in the first place. This is Christ’s first commandment.
  7. Universe is living. Every Atom (Hydrogen for example) is aware of itself and is endowed with individuality.
  8. Morality is prime necessity for exponential evolutionary growth.
  9. Religion is all about speeding up the evolution, so that man can reach cosmic consciousness.
  10. You will not get any answers after death. All answers must be sought while living.
  11. Even physically, there is no greater happiness than being in bliss of Ever-New-Increasing-Joy, thousand billion fold stronger than any physical sensation and increasingly felt  in every cell of body. This state is called Sat-Chit-Ananda in Vedas or “Lifting the Serpent in Wilderness” John 3:14 in bible. Effectively it has a biological basis called Kundalini. What could be better than ever-increasing-ever-new-joy.
  12. If you do not make personal earnest effort now, gradually the nature will also bring to pass the same goal after millions of re-incarnational rounds.
  13. Imagine the difference between the consciousness of an ‘ant’ and that of a ‘human’, there is exponential fold increase that man can experience within this body in a single lifetime, some of those who did reach that state were labelled prophets and their work is called scriptures.


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Disrupted – Dan Lyons

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Wanted to read books on the future businesses and models that may work over next 10-30 years.

Loved reading “Rise of the Robots”, “Industries of the Future”, “The Third Wave” and  thought Disrupted by Dan Lyons would be somewhat similar.

Though I did not get to stretch my imagination around the future business models, it turned out to be funny, witty and entertaining. It does offer a good peek inside the flashy, made up, cult-like silicon valley startups. Recommended reading. Michael Lewis wrote the Big Short and a couple others in a similar style. Find him a brilliant born journalist.

A talk from Dan:

If you know other books like “Rise of the Robots” do leave a comment. Thanks.

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Reading by country

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LBT, 17 Cents on Friday, 1$ on Tuesday

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500% rise in two sessions, from 17 Cents to 95 cents, WoW. “I can predict the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of men….”




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LBT Innovations – 100% returns in a day

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I was having this stock ( an 20 mllion $ market cap until the market opened today, closed at 42 Million $ market cap) on the radar for six odd months and wanted to see how the sales gain traction after the company brings out its unique and innovative, patented product. It effectively replaces a highly skilled microbiologist with a 50-100,000$ equipment. Company does not have steady business as yet, but of course someone knows more than I do.

This Australian company just announced its USFDA approval after a lengthy multi year process. Obviously it gave a laggard like me no chance to read its quarterly, yearly progress on the sale of products and their profitability. Market decided to double it on the 10th of October 2016 from 18 cents to 36 cents.


Disclosure: Not invested in LBT Innovations. Views are personal notions and do not represent any organisation or company. Investment in stock market can (and many a times do) result in loss of principal capital.

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Your external, someone’s internal, Seek Truth not Knowledge

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According to the Vedas and as experienced by a practicing Yogi, everything is conscious. Including every physical atom. Right now we are talking only the physically manifest cosmos. Subtler levels of thought, energy are ignored. Biology defines organic life as having biological processes. However, as per Vaisesika Sutra, “an atom has a Universe inside it, and is living, only if you become small enough to see it”, adds Kana Bhuk (translating to Atom Eater)

Atom has consciousness, billions / trillions of atoms make a microbe.

Atom’s external environment is a microbe, yet atom is unaware that its external environment is a microbe. Microbe is unaware that it is made up of trillions of atoms.

10s of trillions of microbes are present in human body. Microbes do not know that human body is their external environment. Humans do not know that they have 10s of trillions of microbes.

It goes on for human-planet, planet-galaxy, galaxy-universe, universe-multiverses…

All of these individual consciousness from Atom’s to Multiverses are still in darkness aka Maya, as in they are not in direct correspondence with reality – i.e. Truth.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have been manifest for several billion years and lucky to have reached from a lower grade consciousness to human, or fallen from more evolved consciousness to human, direction matters not where you are right now…

Interesting reading:

As Neil Bohr, Albert Einstein, Max Planck (all three Nobel prize winning physicists) said that when they want to probe deeper into questions, they go and re-visit the Upanishads of India. Go to the source. Bible/Upanishads say that source is inside. You cannot know everything but you can “become” everything by getting in touch with a dimensionless link by knowing that after which nothing else remains to be known. Otherwise how will you manage to have knowledge of 1 million plus books churned out every year by earth alone? How many from Infinite planets? You will be lost if you are a knowledge lover. So, be in love with Truth and go straight to the source.

You might eventually come to the same Truth after (who knows how many billion years) but going to the source makes sense for those who eye with distaste a billion trillion years. Source is inside yourself.

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Project Loon, for 2/3rd humanity without internet

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