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The Business of Investor

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I wanted to write a post called “the business of investor is business” because after 11 years of public market investing success and failures (mostly failures) I have come a full circle. Slow learner. And then a Eureka moment!

First up, the phrase “The Business of Investor is Business” is not mentioned by anyone,  publicly. So, should I Trademark it? Maybe my friend Safir may help trademark it.


The cut down version, “The Business of Investor” is mentioned in less than 7 web pages out of 30 Trillion (not a mistake) web pages. Only 7 pages in Google mention the Phrase “The Business Of Investor” out of 30,000,000,000,000 and that too is out of context.

Those few pages that mention it talk about “Investor Visa”, “Investor Infomercials”, “Investor Relations”, “Investor Meetings”, “Investor Protection”, “Investor Solutions”, “Investor Reporting”. Once you have removed those negative keywords/phrases you are left with these 7 pages out of 30 trillion 

Get to the Point

As much as I dislike movies that start with the end game, then roll back to the past, I have made the same pardonable gaffe in this post. The lesson, after some poor investing decisions, is that, as an investor, my main business is to run a business, or pretending to be running a business when I buy a partial ownership of the business. But the issue is that I cannot run, I can only mildly influence with 1-2-3% ownership stake, without a board seat. Having 100% control solves that problem.

The reason why most of us are poor investors is because we are armchair paper investors, never had the experience of running and failing with real businesses, whereas the person who who made value investing popular, WB, was a businessman, who later by chance became a passive investor, like most of us.

Private Market anomaly

You often read that private markets have less anomalies in price/value than public markets. That much is quite correct. Because there are less than 100 listed companies to have done 22% Growth in Sales/Revenues, PAT and having 22% ROE over the 5 year rolling period. out of a Universe of over 60,000 companies.

But in small private markets of less than 5 million dollars, a whole bunch of companies  in Western markets including New Zealand, Australia and the US are available at single digit earning giving you between 15-20% ROI. That is to say, you can today snap up a 1 – 1.2 million $ company, say selling spares part of air conditioners, or building fences around houses for over 15-20 years, earning 250,000$ per annum net after taxes. How likely are you to find that in a stock market ? Like I said less than 100 out of 60,000 chance or 1 out of 600.

What is the Reason and What is the Catch

The reason is quite simple, these awesome 20% ROE businesses have earning power but no assets. Banks don’t lend without physical security, security of earnings stream is not enticing / safe enough for the banks. Not many people have the wherewithal to provide 1 million dollar cash and run the operation, hence the single digits PE multiple in this market.

The catch is that the owner is retiring / moving on to another businesses in these cases and you need to step in / bring in a staff/manager to run the operation. Setting up hands off operation is an issue for passive investors, hence the reason why we are poor investors. But with the control you get, you can jam 10 of these businesses together to make an even more efficient operation and know the ins-outs of every business nuance is incomparable compared to owning 1% of a bigger business, in a world where 80% public companies deceive investors.

Thus, the realization dawned on me that the business of investor is business and not solely holding certificates of paper/demat blips on screen after ratio analysis of accounting statements. The best we do is thought experiments, scuttlebutt which have their own limitations but are unfortunately null and void ab-initio with fraud / untrustworthy management. Hence, the realization that the real investment success is guaranteed where you run the operation after reading masters’s books.

There are public market anomalies and opportunities when behavioral aspects and madness of the crowds plays out. Just saying, that private market, at the lower end of the spectrum has better opportunities for those investors who are willing do put in more legwork and invest close to a million dollars. The 100% control and ability to scale being the prime positives besides single digit PE multiple.

Rest of the non stock related Stuff

Well we have two forces operating in this physical manifestation, negative/positive, heat/cold which are relative, inside us we have emotions of like/dislike or love/hatred, ignorance/knowledge. The main thing is that if you have *everything* then you can only feel charitable/affectionate/giving towards others, if you are in bliss you will find others lovable. What I am more than certain is that the forces operating inside us have nothing to do with the four forces of nature that are widely accepted for over hundred years. This I am more than certain, that many people experience and know this to be true, that there are more than four forces, people, who do not have an education either. But sadly, modern science believes in only four forces, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, ElectroMagnetism and Gravity. Its being speculated that there is a fifth force

It actually doesn’t take more than an iota of common sense to know that when I feel like/dislike its not magnetism of magnets on my fridge, its some other force. So, the upside is that you are connected, lightly or strongly, to the Immeasurable Amplitude of power with your Brain acting as a step down voltage transformer through forces operating inside you that you can eventually control but are oblivious of. Thankfully, you have a lot going on inside you and you are constantly changing outwardly or mentally or in your thought body.

I don’t live in a cave and deal with all types of people, athiests, agnostics, those who believe in eternal heaven and only one life, all sorts. I have to downplay my interest in these things or they might think I am a crackpot but I have no issues acknowledging in even in any corporate setting that I am not an Athiest. One interesting thing a person remarked recently was, “Oh that is good, it just takes the stress away”. That is interesting because I did not realise that one could be stressful without the expectation of living beyond this material life, I had been swimming in water all my life and did not even realize what the scarcity of water is. So, its interesting to know another side benefit of believing, but believing in a theory is dangerous without progression to experience, its also lazy. Believing that we are all equal in potential may not be such a dangerous belief. In short, only if serious, we should give internal experiment a chance for sometime, rather than completely discounting it or worse labeling it as impossible/non existent. Then the blind men deciphering an amorphous elephant, us, begin to form pieces of the puzzle, that we actually are. Its awesome and amazing.


Four forces described below.

Please do your own due diligence and consult your investment adviser.  I am SEBI Registered Investment Adviser: INA100012914 and have no position in any stocks mentioned.


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June 2, 2019 at 6:32 am

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Found it ! Not quite

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I tend to find a company after 500 tries pretty much like anyone else, and thought I had found a winner.

Having equity in the only mall in the city, or monument / equivalent of Eiffel Tower listed on the SX (Stock Exchange) is as good as it gets in terms of open democratic monopoly. I found this company because of the ‘wierd name’, some days I look for stock making highs, other days for high ROE, cheap stocks and like wise. I skipped past a few sophisticated sounding names like ‘Nucletron Electronic’ on the DAX and tried to look at funny sounding (to English speaker) one  ‘Zoologischer Garten Berlin’. Everything is through the roof for this company.

Very very high entry barrier, 10 times earnings, pretty good growth, stock showing no signs deceleration. It runs a Zoo in Berlin, Germany and as you can imagine there isn’t 100 acres lying spare in the middle of any large city. Even if somone had the money, they will not be able to procure animals, this is not building a Disneyland, Rides and theme park but quite hard yards and procuring animal species, dedicated staff, global experts, and a reputation required for decades. Berlin Zoo is the most (or 2nd most) popular Zoo in Europe selling for 30 million Euros/Market Cap. Net profit is circa 3-4 Million Euros.

Its quite hard to get into this business for a businessman/entrepreneur and to arrange for sea lions, hippos, giraffes, gorillas, lions, rhinos, okapis, orangutans, zebras, capybaras, kangaroos and mongooses. The stock looks attractive.


After all this excitement, I start going through investor relation files and read this one.

Using Google Translation a paragraph reads as follows:



What? Selflessly Charitable? No dividend distribution? Well that’s like a pot bellied pandit in the temple getting all fat and happy with the donations from public, but the shareholder is left holding a paper/title of the property. There is no fun in that. I am not sure why people are buying this stock, maybe the value of the land is 10X the market cap of this company. But it sounds, smells, walk and talks like a Frozen corporation.


Please do your own due diligence and consult your investment adviser.  I am SEBI Registered Investment Adviser: INA100012914 and have no position in this stock.

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May 22, 2019 at 7:42 pm

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Red Notice

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If you are a frontier investor, you must read this book, Red Notice by Bill Browder, and promise that you will not invest in Russia. It is a thriller investment memoir and eye opener at so many levels, opens the riddle called Russia.

While corruption is a fact of life in most of the frontier markets, but nowhere as pronounced and inter-twined with capital markets as Russia because the man running the country, Putin, is personally involved in clipping the ticket from every oligarch. I find it credible that Putin’s personal net worth is 200 Billion USD or more today.

Bill tweets at

Makes you want to thank God that you are not born in a communist regime. It makes scams like Satyam, Enron, Worldcom look like walk in the park and a dinner in Hilton.

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February 9, 2019 at 5:22 am

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No backflips for this undertaker

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Munger said the only person happily back-flipping (making money by definition) if there were to be a plague in the society, would be an undertaker, whilst everyone else bewails.

Back in 2013 I wrote about a funeral company in Australia, Invocare, which was/is a market leader in Australia and New Zealand with 35% market share of private cemeteries. After Peter Lynch’s book One Up On Wall St. the funeral stocks were re-rated after 1990s. Understandably, this business is more steady than FMCG or Utilities. These are extremely cash flow positive, depressing (no many like entering this business), and near monopolies like local quarry (heavy transport cost of rock, making the local one only commercially viable alternative). People from 10 sq. km, radius visit one closest to their home.

Back in 2013, it was trading at 26 times earnings, and has traded roughly around that.

I read another update from this company recently making me chuckle. It complains over the effective flu medication, reduced death rate in 2018 as a cause of one-off downtrend in revenues. No doubt, people will catch up with dying few months later. The company is now available at 13-14 times earnings.

Stock Performance



Stock exchange update



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February 3, 2019 at 9:00 am

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IMO not a single large real eatate developer in India has gone without some sort of palm greasing.

Extent of profit extraction and greed has been different but equating every such lapse of corporate governance with fraud presents good opportunities.

As we spreak DHFL is now being priced for bankruptcy or closer at 3800 Crores market cap valued at less than 0.4 times book value. However WGC and DHFL sold a subsidiary, Aadhar Housing yesterday, at 3 times book.

Unless we are talking about cherry picking loan book, which is not the case, it will be interesting to see in hindsight how two companies of the same group can be priced seven times apart in valuations (3 times book vs 0.4 times book).

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February 2, 2019 at 7:13 pm

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What is your excuse for not working hard – 2 ?

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Blind person working on a construction site, uses rope to carry bricks on his head.



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December 31, 2018 at 4:53 am

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What is your excuse for not working hard?

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December 31, 2018 at 4:45 am

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